Monday, March 1, 2010

History of Islam In India (contd-6)

Mahmud Ghaznavi :
Contrary to the general belief that Mahmud Ghaznavi was a in 1034 AD -426 AH Hindu-killeror destroyer of Hindu religious places, he was extremely liberal towards them. His army consisted of a large number of Hindus and some of the commanders of his army were Hindus. Sonday Rai was the commander of Mahmud's crack regiment and took part in several important campaigns with him. The coins struck during during Mahmud's reign bore his on the one side and the figure of a Hindu god on the other.
Not only Mahmud Ghaznavi but his successors also were great patrons of Hindus.In fact some of the historians of the early period feel that the main cause of the fall of the Ghaznavi Empire was their excessive reliance on Hindus and the appointment of Hindus to positions of great responsibility .