Saturday, March 27, 2010

Election of 1937 (contd-6)

Gandhi and C.Gopalachari :
The all important question of the acceptance of office was discussed by the AICC at Delhi on 17-18 March , 1937and AICC authorised and permittted the acceptance of office in Provinces where the Congress commanded a majority in the legislature, provided the Congress party in the legislature was satisfied and was able to state publicly that that the Governor would not use his special powers of interference or set aside the advice of ministers in regard to constitutional activities.
C.Rajagopalachari became Prime Minister of Madras, B.G.Kher in Bombay, G.B. Pant in U.P.,
Srikrishna Sinha in Bihar, Dr. N.B.Khare in C.P.,Dr. Khan Sahib in NWFP, and Biswanath Das in Orissa. Alittle later Bardoloireplaced Saadullah in Assam. (Vallabhbhai Patel, Center, converses with B.G.Kher, 3rd from right ) This settled one problem and started another.The Congress had put 9 Candidates for 64 Muslim seats in UP. It was an idea within the Congress , even in Nehru, that the there would be some understanding with the League. Congress would support the candidates of the league  if they met two conditions. 1. if there was no candidates of the Congress, 2. and the Leaguers were progressive. Actually Congress supported some candidates of the League. But all of them were defeated. Nehru, being the President of the Congress, took the defeat of the Muslim league personally and asked the Congressmen to intesify work within the Muslim masses. Though it was very difficult to change the mood of the Muslims. He sent , 31st march, 1937, a circular to all the provincial Congress Committees with a self explanatory heading, "the need for greater contacts with Muslims."