Friday, March 5, 2010

Objectives of AIML vide conference at Dacca,27-30 December, 1930

Under the active leadership of Aligarhians, the movements for Muslim separatism created political awakening among the Muslims in communal line. The ideology of political exclusivism in the name of religion give birth to AIML in the session of All India Mohammedan Educational Conference held in Dacca (Dec 27-30, 1906) under the chairmanship of Nawab Salimullah. A 56 member provisional committee was constituted with prominent Muslim Leaders from different parts of the counrty with the following objectives :
  1. To promote among the Muslims of India, feelings of loyalty to the British Government, and remove any misconception that may arise as to the instuction of Goverment with regard to any of its measures.
  2. To protect and advance the political rights and interests of Muslims of India, and to respectfully represent their needs and aspirations to the Government.
  3. To prevent the rise among the Muslims of India of any feeling of hostality towards other communities without prejudice to the afore-mentioned objects of the League.
Hence the declaration of forming a separate state with a small portion of the land of British India is surely a departure from the objectives no.2 , to look after the interests of the Muslims of the whole British India. In fact, the number of the Muslims residing in the portion not earmarked as proposed Pakistan was much more than that of the protion declared as a separate state.