Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Election of 1937 (contd-3)

Congress proved to be a pure Hindu party and  worked during its reign only for the betterment of Hindus.Twenty seven months of the Congress rule were like a nightmare for the Muslims of outh Asia . Some of the Congress leaders even stated that they would take revenge from the Muslims for the last 700 years of slavery during Muslim rule.Even before the formation of the Government , the Congress started a Muslim mass Contact movement, with the aim to convince Muslims that there were only two political parties in India i.e. the British and the Congress. The aim was to decrease the influence of the Muslim Leaguefor the Muslims.
After taking charge in July 1937, Congress declared Hindi as the national language with Deva Nagri as the official scripts. The Congress flag was given the status of the national flag, slaughtering of cows ws prohibited, and it was made compulsory for the children to worship the picture of Gandhi at school.Band-i-Mataram, an anti-Muslim song taken from Bankim Chandra's novel Ananda Math, was made the national anthem of the Country.Religious intolerance was the order of the day . Muslims were not allowed to construct new mosques. Hindus would play drums in front of mosques when Muslims were praying.
The Congress government introduced a new educational policy in the provinces under their rule known as the Warda  Taleeni Scheme. The main plan was to sway Muslim children against their ideology and to tell them all the people living in India were Indian and thus belonged to one nation. In Bihar and CP the Vidya Mandir scheme was introduced according to which Mandir education was made compulsory at elementary level. The purpose of the scheme was to obliterate the cultural traditions of the Muslims and to indicate into the minds of Muslim Children the superiority of the Hindu culture.
The Congress Ministries did their best to weaken the economy of Muslims. They closed the doors of government offices for them, which was one of the main sources of income for the Muslims in the regions.  They also harmed Muslim trade and agriculture . When Hindu-Muslim riot  broke out due to these biased policies of the Congress ministries, the Government presured the judges , decisions were made in favor of hindus and Muslims were sent behind bars.
The allegation that that Congress was representing Hindus only was voiced also by  eminent British personalities. The Marquees of Lothian in April  1938 termed the Congress rule as a Rising tide of Hindu rule, Sir William Barton writing in the "National Review " in June 1939 also termed the Congress rule as the rising tide of "Political Hinduism".
At the outbreak of the WWII , the viceroy proclaimed India's involvement without prior consultations with main political parties . When Congress demanded an immediate transfer of power in return for cooperation of the war efforts, the British Govt. refused. As a result Congress resigned from power , Jinnah asked the muslims to celebrate Dec 22,1939 as a day of deliverance and thanksgiving in token of relief from the tyranny and oppression of the Congress rule.