Wednesday, March 17, 2010

3rd Round Table Conference

From Sept 1931, until march 1933, under the Supervision of Samuel Hoare , the proposed reforms took the form reflected in the Govt of India Act, 1935. The third conference was boycotted by Congress.
Most of the main political figures of India were not also present.
In this Conference Choudhury Rahmat Ali, a college student ,coined the name 'Pakistan' (which means land of pureness) as the name for the Muslim part of partitioned   India. He took P from Punjab, A from Afghan, KI from Kashmir, S from Sindh, and TAN from Baluchistan. in this conference Jinnah was also not present. Jinnah was residing in London for personal reasons. In 1932 Iqbal headed a Muslim League delegate to England to attend the third round table conference..