Monday, March 15, 2010

First Round Table conference

After discussion there was a general agreement among the Indian members that British India and the Indian native states should form a federal Union ruled by Parliamentary system of Govt.. The British members, however, opposed the immwdiate grant of Dominion status and the Introduction of British parliamentary system in India.
When after the general debate, the conference proceeded to discuss the framework of the constitution , the ruling princes agreed to consider immediate feeration on two conditions.The British India must be federalised, and the central Govt must cease to be  purely official Govt.and become in some degrees responsible to the central Legislature.....We can only federate said the the Nawab of Bhopal, with a self- governing and federal british india.
A federal structure subcommittee with the Lord Chancellor,Lord Sankey,as the chairman, submitted the final report on 15 Jan 1931. Its main recommendations were :
   1. There was general agreement that the assumption by India of all the powers and resoponsibility which have hitherto  ressted on Parliament cannot be made at one step and that during a period of transition the Governor General shall be responsible for the defence and external relations.
A complication was added by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar for electoral purposes the depressed class be treated as minority community.      
In his concluding speech on 19 Jan 1931, the Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald defined the policy of His Majesty's Govt. as follows:
1. That responsibility for the govt of India should be placed upon Legislatures, central and provincial, with such provisions as may be necessary to guarantee , during a period of transition , the observance of certain obligations to meet other special circumstances, and also with such guarantees as are required by mnorities to protect their political liberties and rights.
2. it should be federation , accepted by all parties of both the Indian states and British India, etc