Friday, March 5, 2010

Muhammad Iqbal

Iqbal stands alone in the post of classical period of Islamic philosophy as a reviver of the disciline within the Muslim world. He is the only Islamic philosopher to make a serious attempt at grabbling with the problems with the problems of modern western philosophy  within an Islamic concept. His thought has been extremely influential throughout the Islamic world today. Born on 9 Nov, 1877 at Sialkot, Punjab, British India. He was the eldest son, amongst seven, of his parents. His father was a prosperous, well known tailor who who brought up his children with deep religious grounding. Iqbal's grndfather Sahaj Ram Sapru came to Sialkot after conversion to Islam. Iqbal was educated within and outside India. He was married by his family at the age of 15 and had two children a son and a daughter. But his marriage not happy and they were divorced in 1916, though Iqbal rendered economic help to his wife after divorce for maintenance of her and her chlidren.
Iqbal was a very talented student and got a gold medal in Philosophy at the Graduate level. He could write in three languages, Urdu, Farsi and English. He was famous for his works in three languages and for his patriotic songs, such as- Saare Jahan Se Achcha.
Iqbal's  poetic works are written mostly in Persian. Among his 12,000 poems, 7,000 are in Persian. iqbal seeks to prove that Islamic way of life is the best code of conduct for a nation's viability.A man cannot realize "self" out of society. He sees the individual and his community as reflections of each other. The individual needs to be strengthened before he can be integrated into the community, whose development in turn depends on the preservation of the communal ego.  It is through contacts with others that an ego learns to accept the limitations of its own freedom and the meaning of love.