Monday, March 22, 2010

The Election of 1937

The first election held under the Govt of India act 1935 saw Congress emerging as the majority party . It won 711 out of 1585 seats and could form government in 5 provinces out of 11 without the support of any party.Out of these 711 seats only 26 seats were Muslim seats, there by  increasing Congress's reliance on local Hindu leaders, which allowed for their agenda to be imposed on the Congress.
The Congress had absolute majority in the legislative assembly of Madras, the United Provinces, the central provinces , Orissa and Bihar.It was the biggest single party in four provinces, namely, Bombay, Bengal, Assam and the NWFP. In the assemblies of Sindh and Punjab it was in comparatively smaller minority.
The total number of Muslim seats in the assemblies of the 11 provinces was 482. Out of this number the Congress contested 58 seats and won 26, i.e., 46 p.c.
the total number of labour seats in 11 provinces was 38. Of these congress contested 20 and won 18, i.e. 90 p.c.
The total number seats reserved for landlords   in the assemblies of the 11 provinces was 37. Out of this number Congress contested 8 and won 4.The total number of seats reserved for commerce and industries in the assemblies was 56.out of these Congress contested 8 and won only 3.
Muslim league on the other hand did well in Muslim seats in the hindu majority areas winning 29 out of 35 seats in UP. The league however well against regional parties in Muslim majority areas.