Thursday, March 18, 2010

British Commitments to Self-Government

The two most official statements of British policy concerning India were Queen Victoria's (reigned 1839-1901) Ruyal Proclamation, of 1858, when the crown took control of the of the East India Company'sIndian Territories , and the statement of Secretary of state for India, Edwin Mantagu  (J included the promiseuly 17, 1917-March 19, 1922)to the House of Commons on 20 August, 1917, Queen Victoria's proclamation included the promise that -
" far as may be, Our subjects, of whatever race or creed, be freely and impartially admitted to offices in Our service, the Duties of which they may be qualified, by their education, ability, and integrity, duly to discharge."                                  The British Govt of India studiously subverted this promise denying Indians commissions in the indian army and almost completely excluded them from the indian civil Service and the higher ranks of the indian police.