Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bangladesh, Surya Sen (cont-2)

Surya sen was always in hiding, moving from one place to another.sometimes he used to take a job as a workman : sometimes he would take a job as a farmer,or priest,houseworker or even as a pious Muslim. this was how he avoided not to be arrested. But either because of money or out of jealousy or both, Nitra Sen disclosed to the police his whereabout and he was arrested on 16 Feb. 1933. Nitra sen was assassinated in front of his wife who did not disclose the name of the muderer to the police on enquiry for she did not like the treachery of her husband.
Tarakeshwar dutta, then president of Chittagong branch of Jugantar Party, made a prepaation to rescue Surya Senfrom the Jail which was not successful. Surya Sen along with his comrade Tarakeshwar Dastidar was hanged by the British rulers on January 12,1934.Before his death he was brutally tortured.
It is worth recalling , in this context, what Surya Sen said in his last message before his hanging at midnight;
"This is the task for preparation , to embrace death as a friend and this is the time to recall the light of other days as well. At such a solemn moment, what shall I leave behind for you? Only one thing,that is my dream the golden dream-the dream of a free mother land."
His last letter to his comrades, written on 11 Jan, will remain enshrined in history as the most eloquent testimony of the excellence of his manhood. " Death is knocking at my door.My mind is flying away towards infinity .... this is the moment to myself to embrace death as the dearest of friends. In this happy, sacred and crucial moment, what I am leaving for you ? Only one thing my dream, golden dream, the dream of a Free india."

Binode Bihari Choudhury, the only survivor in Bangladesh

The Paharitala European club

Monument to Prtilata in front of the European club