Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bangladesh, Chittagong Aroury raid (1930-1934)

The Non-Cooperation Movement launched by the Indian National Congress under the leadership of M,K.Gangdhi on 4th sept. 1920 was suddenly withdrawn on 25th Feb. 1922 after confirmation of the decisionat Delhi which was taken in Bordoli on 11th and 12th Feb. 1922, as the movement could not be continued Non-Violently. Some sporadic incidence of violence occurred doring the procedure of the activities. Youths, in general, particularly in some parts of British India, became restless and adopted again the path of armed revolution against the British Raj.

Masterda Surya Sen : Surya Sen, popularly known as Masterda, as he was a teacher in Chittagong, was born on 22nd March,1894, in the village Noapara of Chittagong District (now in Bangladesh) in a lower middle class family. After graduation he tarted his careeas a teacher in Chittagong. His father's name was Ramaniranjan was also teacher by profession. Surya sen was influenced by one of his teacher while he was a student of Intermediate class in the Chittagong college into revolutionary ideas and he joine the renowned revolutionary organisation, Anushilan Samity.But when he went to Berhampur College for BA course, came to know about Jugantar and became more inspired with their ideas. He got more inspiration from the famous Easter Surya Sen to effective action. In a speech delivered in New York in 1920 entitled "India and Ireland", Valera declared: We , of Ireland, and you of India, must each of us endeavour, both as separate people and in combination to rid ourselves of the vampire that is fattening on our blood, and we must never allow ourselves to forget what weapon it was by which Washington rid his country of the same vampire. Surya Sen and his group had undergone physical and armed training . On his return to Chittagong in 1918, he organised Jugantar there. Every revolutionary groups were using Indian National Congress as their umbrella to work.
Postal Stamp in honour of Surya Sen dated 22.03.1978.
Consequently Surya Sen became the President of Chittagong District Committee of the Congress in 1929. He undertook two activiteis. 1. He became a teacher in the Nationa Schoo in Nandankanan and joined the Umatara school at Chandanpura, 2. and began to organise the hardline patriotic organisations. Since then he was known as Masterda among his students and other comarades.