Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bangladesh, Rajanikanta (contd.-3)

Cottage inside the Medical College where Rajanikanta stayed in last days of his life.
Rajanikanta had been shifted to a cottage of Medical College after the operation. A forth year medical student, Hemendra nath Baksi, took the responsibility of nursing him till he would stay here. Many persons poor-rich, reputated-nonreputed, Literary-rdinary.doctors-engineers came to visit him every day, Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy came one day and said to him you might get well soon with my longivity. Rabindra nath Tagore also came 28 th Magh, 1317 (1910). In reply to a letter written by Rajanikanta, Tagore wrote that the song you had sent to me, it was nice.

He could only write after operation
Last few days of his life was so pathetic that it was unbearable by any person. After every minute blood was coming profusely. Really as the poet said "making beggar in all respects". On 28th Bhadra 1317 (1910), at the age of 45, Rajanikanta expired keeping his wife and other members of his family including his eighty years old mother Manomohini.

Letter written to Rabindra nath

Draft written to Tagore
pic clockwise, 1. Rajani kanta sen, 2.Bangabandhu bridge, 3. D.L.Roy and 4. Bangladesh)