Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bangladesh, After WWI

Notonly National but also International situation had completely changed after WWI;
1. (a) Internationally Russia came out of the clutches of Imperiolist world and took an alternative road (Socialism) for their development on Oct.1917 (b) Ireland became free from British Imperialism. July 1921.

Oct revolution,1917

Freedom Struggle of Ireland
2. Freedom struggle, including India, of all colonial countries had been intesified.
3. Emergence of M.K.Gandhi, Satyagraha fame in South Africa , as a leader in the Freedom struggle of India,
4. "Repression and Reform " became the strategy of British Colonial rule,
5. Revival of Pan-Islamism in Indian politics.
6. Unprecedented growth of Indian Bourgeoisie during and immediately preceding the war.
After the socialist Revolution of Russia in oct. 1917, the independence struggle of more than 100 countries had started or intensified.
In India the freedom struggle had taken two definite road of development, i) a nationalist way under the leadership of Ganghi in Congress, ii) formation of a Communist party of India in Tashkent, Russia by M.N. Roy and others in 1920.Though the activities of CPI were limited within India at that time. The wave of Gandhism had spread through out india including Bengal. The activities of Muslim League were restricted to the demand of separate electorate of their community.