Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bangladesh, Rajanikanta (contd-2)

From 1906, at the age 41, Rajanikanta began to suffer from urinary affection. He took many remidial measures but did not get any relief. Moreover he was attacked with Malaria. He was advised to take rest and go for a change. He consulted, at this time, with many renowned doctors,such as, Dr. Nilratan Sircar, Dr. Pran Krishna Acharya, Dr. Prandhan Basu etc but there was no appreciable improvement . He tried for Homeopathy and then Kaviraji. At last he came back to Sirajgunge to undergo treatment from his friend Dr. Tarakeshwar Kavisiromoni.
In 1908, the newly constructed building of Bangiya Sahitya Parishad was to be opened which was published in papers. Having seen the notification, He came to Calcutta with Dinesh Chandra Sen and became his guest at calcutta. Many important persons from different places of India and abroad came to attend on the occasion. The two storied building at 243/1, Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road became packed up. Having found no way to go 1st floor Rajanikanta remained in the ground floor where he met Rabindra nath Tagore who itroduced him to all the persons present there on the occasion. Being requested by the president he sung two songs and moved the audience. Tagore asked him to come to his house one day. On the next morning he went to Tagore's house. On request he again sung those two songs. Tagore asked him to see within himself as there was nothing in the external world.
The second conference of Bangiya Sahitya Parishad was held at Rajshahi. Rajanikanta attended and got acquianted with many persons of importance.The saddest of all in the life of Rajanikanta was the detection of cancer on his throat in 1909. He had to sell his two Kabya Grantha, Banl and Kalyani, to Gurudas Chattopadhaya and sons for Rs. 400 only to meet his medical expenses. The sufferings he had to face at this was inexpressible. No sign of relief of pain, no sign of remission of fever, moreover serious breathing trouble forced him to come to Calcutta with all his family members . He was admitted to Medical College and his family members remained in Serpentine lane, Clacuuta. He made a will to give all his belongings to his wife. Ultimately he had to be admitted in Medical College where he was operated to make a whole at the throat for his breathing facility.