Monday, July 13, 2009

Bangladesh, Mslim League

The foundation of Indian Ntional Congress in 1885was an attempt to narrow the Hindu-Muslim divide and and place the genuine grievance of all the communities in the country before the British. But Sir Syed and other Muslim Leaders like Ameer Ali projected the Congress as a represntative body of Hindus and thus thwarted the attempt of Hindu-Muslim unity.That was the reasons for poor participation of Muslims in the Congress. " Of the seventy two delegates present in the First session of the Congress only two muslims were present."Muslim leaders opposed the the Congress tooth and nail because their participation would create mis-understandings among the rulers.

Muslim orthodoxy or its patrons in elite sections in the community with the sword of religious identity and slogan - Islam in danger-challenged the political unity specially when Hindi was accepted as an official language in place of Urdu in the 1900s. in Uttarpradesh. Sir Sayed Ahmed died in 1898 but his followers Bitish India in defense laaunched agitation against this decision.

On the first Oct. 1906 a 15-member delegation of the Muslim nobles ,aristocracies, legal professionals,and other elite section of the community associated with Aligarh movement (formation of an institution of their own) gathered at Simla under the leadership of Aga Khan to present an address to Lord Minto.
Sayed Ahmed
The formation of AIML was a major landmark in the history of modern India.