Sunday, April 18, 2010

Simla Conference, 1945

Simla conference was a meeting convened by the Viceroy Archibald Wavell of British India (1943-1947),  inviting  the leaders of all the political parties in India with a view to arrive  an agreement  of the Wavell plan for Indian self-Government, it reached a potential agreement  for the self rule in India that provided separate representation to Muslims, and reduced majority powers  for both communities in their majority regions.
The war in Europe ended in May 1945. Earlier that year, when the allies eventual victory became certain, Britain began to turn its attention again to Indian affairs. Congress was still banned and the leaders, except Gandhi released due to illness, were in jail. Lord Wavell, after coming back from London having consulted with British Parliament, convened the conference. But Jinnah flatly refused to cooperate and said that he was not going to accept any Muslim other than the member of the Muslim league to represent the conference. In fact, Maulana A.K.Azad, the then President of the congress was representing the Congress. Wavell did not proceed without obtaining Jinnah's cooperation.
The plan, known as Wavell Plan was made public in June 1945.
The Plan suggested reconstitution of the Viceroy's Executive Council in which the Viceroy was to select persons nominated by the political parties.The secretary of state for India affairs made it clear that the British Government wanted to listen the ideas of all the major Indian communities.
But no positive results came out after this.