Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Khaksar Tehrik

In view of the previously ruled parts of India at different times during a period spanning nearly a thousand years a movement was launched by Allama Mashriqi in 1930 known as Khaksar Tehrik, based in Lahore.
The goals of the movement :
1. Reform the nation by laying emphasis on character building,
2. Remove sectarianism and prejuidices and bring brotherhood and unity to the people.
3. Impart the spirit of sacrifice for the national cause,
4. Make community service an integral part of every Khaksar. Every khaksar were required to perform community service for Muslims as well as nom-Muslims,
etc there were 10 such demands.
The membership of the Khaksar Tehrik was over 4 million. In the span of 17 years 4 million people showed their inclination towards this movement..