Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Plan of June 3, 1947

The British Govt., after the approval of all concern, issued a statement on Jone 3, by the then Prime Minister, Atlee, in the House of Commons and by the Secretary of State for India, the Earl of Listowel in the House of Lords.
The existing Constituent Assembly would continue to function but any constitution framed by it would not be applied by those parts of the country unwilling to accept it. This statement was designed to outline the steps might be taken to the unwilling parts to frame fresh Constitution either by the present Constituent Assembly or by another constituent Assembly then the transfer of power to appropriate authority would be determined.
The Provincial Legislative Assembly of Bengal and the Punjab (excluding the European members ) will therefore each be asked to meet in two parts, one representing the Muslim majority districts and the other the rest of the province.
The members of the two Legislative Assembly should sit separately and decide by clear majority of votes in favor of Partition or against Partition.