Monday, April 19, 2010

General Election in British India,1946

Simla Conference failed but the occurrence of two things completely changed the world situation.
1. The victory of the Labor party in Great Britain,
2. Atom bomb blast in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
The elections to the existing Central Assembly were held in 1935 and to the Provincial Assemblies in 1937, and the life of their Legislative bodies were extended considering the war-time situation. Now the British Government felt that it was high time for holding a general election of India to find ways and means of solving the constitutional aspects of forming self-government of India.
All the political parties took active role in the election but results of the election, announced at the end of Dec,1945, showed the existence of two parties, one Congress and the other Muslim League.
The result was as follows :
the Congress secured 91.3 p.c. of the votes cast in non-Muhammadan Constituencies and teh Muslim League secured 85.6 p.c. of the total votes cast in Muhammadan Constituencies. the final figures were ;
Congress-57, Muslim League-30, Independents-5, Akali Sikhs-2, and Europeans- 8, making a total of 102 elected seats.
In the previous Assembly the figures at the time of dissolution were; Congress-36, Muslim League-25, Independents-21, Nationalist Party-10, and Europeans-8.
The result of the provinces confirmed the deductions made on the basis of the election to the Central Legislative Assembly. They proved that the Congress and the Muslim League were the only two parties that counted in the country as the vote banks of Hindus and Muslims except in the NWFP and the Sindh.
It was also noticed that of the four Indian Provinces which were to constitute Pakistan, the Muslim League coukld not secre absolute majority in any of the state and could form Ministry only in two , Bengal and Sindh.
Another important factor was that the large number of Scheduled Caste votes were in favor of Congress.
The Viseroy announced on 28 Jan, 1946, that he would establish a new Executive Council formed by political Leaders and also set up a constitution-making body as soon as possible.