Friday, April 9, 2010

Muslim League,1941-1942

Presidential Address at the 28th Annual Session of the All India muslim League, madras,15April, 1941:
"The next question I want to place before you is that we have now got to define-and define beyond doubt -what our goal is. There are many people who either donot understand or misunderstand or donot want to understand. They are ignorant people , not amongst Muslims-thank heavens for that-how our decisions or resolutions are misinterpreted or misrepresented . In order that there should be no room left for misunderstanding and that no doubt should be left in the mind of any intelligent or sensible Indians- It does not matter to which class or community he belongs - let me clarify our position with regard to our goal.
What is the goal of the Indian muslim League ? What is its ideology and and what its policy? Let me tell you as clearly as I can possibly define it, that the goal of the All India Muslim League is this : We want the establishment of completely independent states in the North-West and Eastern Zones of India, with full control finally of defence, foreign affairs, communications, customs,currency exchange etc. We donot want in any circumstances, a constitution of an All India character with one Govt. at te centre. We will never agree to that. If we once agree to that, let me tell you, the Muslims will be absolutely wiped out of existence.  We shall never be tributaries of any power or any Govt at the centre so far as the North West and Eastern zones of our free national homelands are concerned.
The leadership of Hindu India has , I regret to say, been fooled.They have been bamboozled by the policy and the diplomacy of the British Govt. who are dangling in front of them a united all-India constitution and democracy -the two carrots before donkeys. the British Govt. knows-and I say to the Hindu leadership , you have lost the last shred of statesmanship if you do not realize yet that the British Govt. know it - that Muslim India will never submit to an all- India constitution and one central Govt. The British statesman know that the so-called democracyand the parliamentary system of Govt is nothing but a farce in the country. It is not, as some people mix it up, a question of Muslims objecting to a govt based on the brotherhood of man, as it it is often by people whomreally do not understand what they are talking about when they talk of either democracy or Islam. Democracy means, to begin with, majority rule.  majority rule in a single nation, in a single society, is understandable, although even there it has failed. Representative govt in a single nation , harmonious, homogenous and is understandable.But you have only got to apply your mind for a few minutes to see the truth.
                                                                                  Can such a system ever work or succeed when you have two different societies, the Muslim society  and the Hindu society? In this land of yours (meaning the Madras Province) there is another nation Dravidians. This land is really Dravidastan. Imagine that three per cent of the Brahmins high caste, by skillful manoeuvering and by skillful methods of electioneering which they have studied, should secure the majority.Is this democracy or is it a farce? Therefore, i give my fullest sympathy and support to the non-Brahmns.I say to them : The only way for you is to come into your own, live your own life according to your own culture and according to your own language-thank God  that hindi did not go very far here-and your own history is to go ahead with your ideal. I have every sympathy for you and i shall do all I can to support you to establish Dravidastan. The seven per cent of Muslims will stretch their hand of friendship to you and live with you on lines of equality, justice and fairplay.          
League's Memorandum to Viceroy:
Mr. Jinnah next referred to the resolution adopted by the Working Committee of the All India Muslim League in June 1940, asking the Govt of India to take serious steps to strengthen the defence of India and authorizing Mr.Jinnah enter into communication with Viceroy with a view to exploring and possibly devising all prompt measures to intensify war efforts. This resolution was supplemend by a memorandum which he presented  to the Viceroy in July 1940. in it he had said that no pronouncement or statement should be made by the Govt. which would militate against the basic and fundamental princples laid down in the Lahore resolution of Pakistan, that the Govt should give a definite and categorical assurance to the Muslims that no interim or final scheme of constitution should be made without the consent and approval of Muslims of India, that in view of the grave danger to the country everything should be done to intensify the war efforts, to defend the country and to maintain internal security.