Sunday, April 25, 2010

Interim govt., 1946 (contd-1)

The main points regarding the interim Govt. put forth by the Viceroy included :
   1. The Interim Govt will consist of 14 members,
   2. Six members including a Scheduled Caste to be nominated by the Congress, five members to be nominated by the Muslim League,
 Three representatives of minorities will be nominated by the Viceroy. One of the seats to be kept for a Sikh. No party Congress or league can object on any nomination if it is accepted by the Viceroy.
   3. Distribution of Portfolios will be decided after the parties have agreed to enter the Govt.and have submitted their names.the congress and the Muslim League will each have an equitable share of the most important portfolios.
   However according to Jinnah's statement that the proposal was not acceptable to the Muslim League.