Saturday, April 10, 2010

Muslim League,1941-1942 (contd-1)

Presidential Address at the 29th Annual Session of the All India Muslim League :
(On Cripps' Proposal)
I told you that i would refer to the actual clauses of the proposals and how the constituency-making body will be set up or formed, and the provision is this. Immediately upon the end of hostilities the constitution-making body shall be composed as follows, unless leaders of the principal communities agree to some other machinery before end of hostilities.So at the end of hostilities the constitution-making body will be formed by this method:
"Immediately upon the results of the electios which would be necessary at the end of the hostilities , the entire membership of the lower houses of all provincial legislatures shall as a single electoral college proceed to select the constitution-making body by system of proportional representation. This new body shall be in number about one-tenth of the number of the electoral colleges . "Therefore, I think, you understand that all the members of the Assemblies of eleven provinces will meet together as one single electoral college and they will be roughly sixteen hundred members and they will be entitled to elect one-tenth , which means, in all, onehundred and sixty members by proportional representation. That is the constitution-making body.