Thursday, April 8, 2010

Advantage of Muslim League for Quit India Movement,1942

The ascendecy of Mahatma Gandhi in the political scenario of pre-independence India, bears a close relationship to the roles that he discharged in the three National Movement, namely, 1. The Non-Co-operation Movement, 2. the Civil Dis-Obedience Movement and 3. the Quit India Movement. All the three movements were structured following the celebrated political ideologies of Gandhi.
The Quit India movement occupies a special place in the history of Indian Struggle for freedom for taking the final step towards Indian Independence under the able leadership of Gandhi. Gandhi's inspiring statement -"We shall enter free India or die in the attempt, we shall not live to see the perpetuation of our slavery ignited the sentiments of Indians across the nation.
According to the instructions issued by the High Command, the Congress Ministers directed to resignimmediately. The congress ministers from eight provinces resigned following the instructions. The resignations of the ministers was an occasion of great joy and rejoicing for leaders of the Muslim League , Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He called the day of 22nd dec, 1939, The day of Deliberance '. Gandhi urged Jinnah against the celebration of this day , however, it was futile. At the Muslim League Lahore session held in March 1940, Jinnah declared in his presidential address that the Muslims of this country wanted a separate homeland, Pakistan.