Friday, April 30, 2010

Reasons for acceptance of "Partition" by the Congress

By accepting the Mountbatten Plan/Partition, the Congress was only accepting what had become inevitable because of the long term failure of the Congress to to draw in the Muslim masses into the national movement and stem the surging waves of Muslim Communal-ism, which, especially since 1937, had been beating with increasing fury.
The Congress leaders felt by June, 1947 that only an immediate transfer of power could forestall the spread of direct action and communal disturbances. Sarder Patel said that, "a united India even it was smaller in size was better than a disorganized and troubled and weak bigger India."
Difficulties created by the obstructionist policies and tactics of the League proved to the Congress that the leaders of the Muslim League were concerned only with their own interests and the future of India would not be safe with them in the Govt. They would act as a stumbling block in the path of India's progress. The Congress leaders also felt that the continuance of British rule never was and never could be in the good interest of Indians.Sooner they quit , the better it would be .