Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The last British effort for United India, 1946 (contd-2)

The viceroy suggested in the annual address to the associated Chambers of Commerce in Calcutta in Dec 1944that the condition of political problem in the country needs further attention apart from quit India movement . In the year 1945 Bhulabhai Desai had been working in close co-operation with Liaqat Ali Khan, the real leader of the Muslim League party in the legislature.Thus a Desai-Liaqat Ali pact was formed which stated that the interim Govt work within the present constitution . In the provinces, the existing ministries would not be interfered with, though might be adjustments based on party agreements with which His Majesty's govt would not be concerned.  
The viceroy did not agree with the Sapru committeeand its recommendations were published shortly after Lord Wavell's departure for London.The main features included were that  a national govt. should replace the present Executive Council at the center; that in the provinces the Congress ministries should resume office but with admixture of non-Congress parties , that in the constitution making body , representation of Hindus and muslims should be equal; that similar parity in the central assembly should be constitutional on Muslims agreeing to joint electorates with reseevation of seats , instead of separate electorates ; that no decision of the constitution-making body should be valid unless it was supported by 3/4 th of the members present and voted.