Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The last British effort for United India, 1946 (contd-1)

The Secretary of State, Amery, thought that his plan would help in avoiding the serious administrative difficulties inherent in the viceroy's proposal during the critical war period. The Congress and the League would confront each other and dominate the discussions with their conflicting differences. Amery  put forth the idea that the British Govt sought to declare that they recognized India as a country enjoying the full freedom of status. In addition to that the parliament in England would have no power to legislate for Indian affairs except at the request  of an Indian Govt. However according to Lord Wavell's view, Amery's proposal of the  alternative plan was quite unfeasible. Thus, Amery was unable to translate his ideas into practice. During the time of the Gandhi-Jinnah talks a bitter controversy started among the Hindu and the Muslim extremists over the Pakistan issue.Sir Tej Bahadur Sapru was quite concerned on the deteriorating communal situation of the country.A proposal was Forwarded by Sapru , which stated that Gandhiji should call a National Convention.     .
In addition to that Sir Tej Bahadur suggested Gandhiji that the Standing Committee of the Non-party conference should set up a committee and prescribe for a certain duties.This committee should not bring about a settlement but understand the point of view of each party and to act as a sort of conciliation board by establishing contacts with leaders of all parties.The standing committee of the Non-party conference met on 19 Nov, 1944, and decided to set up a committee which would examine the whole communal and minority problems from a constitutional and political point of view. The Viceroy thus urged the Secretary of State that the proposals should be considered by the cabinet, even though the action might have to be delayed pending the result of the Sapru Committee's discussions.sir Tej bahadur Sapru announced the names of the members of the conciliation committee on 3rd Dec.