Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nepal, Towards Maoism

The communist party of Nepal (Maoist) insurgency grew out of the increasing radicalisation and fragmentation of leftwing parties following the emergence of democracy in 1990. The united peoples front --a coalition of leftwing parties --participated in electionof 1991, but the Maoist wing failed to win the minimum three percent of the vote leading to their exclusion from voter lists in the election of 1994. In response they abondoned electoral polics and in 1996 launched the insurgency.
Communist Party Of Nepal (Maoist)
The Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), CPN(M) , was formed following a split in the Communist Party of Nepal ( Unity Centre) and it used the name 'CPN (Unity Centre)' until 1995
Long Live Marxism-leninism-Maoism and 'Prachanda Path'. Mural in Kathmandu made by the Madhesi Rashtriya mukti Morcha.
A family in a Maoist- controlled valley
Communist Party of Nepal
Like Communist Party of India, Communist Party of Nepal was also formed outside Nepal. In fact, it was founded in Calcutta,India on April29, 1949. CPN was formed to struggle against the autocratic Rana regime, feudalism and Imperialism. The founding general Secretary was Pushpa Lal Shrestha. CPN has got some good result in its history of performance. It played an important role in overthrowing the Rana regime in the year 1951 but after the Raksha dal revolt it was banned in Jan. 1952, though the ban on the party was lifted in 1956.
The first conference of the party was held secretly in Kathmandu in 1957. It had got good relation with the then united Communist Party of India when Ajoy ghosh was the secretary. It had to undergo repression by the nepal Govt. Some conferences were also held in India.The first split of the Party took place during 3rd. congress, in 1962.