Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nepal, Licchavi Rule

It is not clear exactly when the Lucchavi kingdom began. From the findings of the ancient capitalof Handigaun,it appears that Licchavi rulers were in power on two occasions from about 200 CE to the 5th. century, and from about 750 to 1200 CE. The former era was Asaka or Saka era where as the 2nd. one Mandeva II's era

In between in the 4th. century CE, the country fell under the influence of Indian Gupta Empire, whose cultural diffusion is evident, despite their lack of direct control of Nepal.

Thakuri Rule

By 879, the Licchavi era was succeeded by the Thakuri ynasty. A grim period of instability and invasions often referred to as the "Dark Ages" followed, but Kathmanu valley's strategic location ensured the kingdom's survival and growth.

Map of Nepal
Malla Dynasty
Several centuries later , the Thakuri king, Ardiva, founded the Malla dynasty, another renaissance of Nepali culture.
Chalukhya Dynasty
By the late 11th. century , southern Nepal came under the occupation of the Chalukhya Empireof southern India. Under the Chalukhya, hinduism was patronised than the budhism.