Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mozambique, after independence (continued)

Mozambique stood constructed its foreign policy on two pillars :i) Good relations with neighbouring countries,ii) maintenance and expansion of ties with developed countries.
This policy they undertook for the interest of their econmic development and but they followed the path of non-alligned movement for peaceful co-existence.

Mount Murresse and tea plantations near Gurue, Zambezia province, northern Mozambique.
Mozambique's President
Arnando Guebuza
Economy :
The minimum legal salary of a person in Mozambique is US$ 60 per month i.e, 2 US$ per day.

Women in Mozambique with maize

A view of the Cahora Bassa reservoir

Makua children in Mozambique
This graph shows the rise in military expenses during the Portuguese colonial wars. The yellow bar represents ordinaryand the burgandy extra-ordinary military expenses.