Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nepal, Prachanda Path, a new doctrine

In second conference of the CPN (Moaist), a post for chairman was created for Prachanda. So far, Prachanda was the chief of the organisation as general secretary and submitted a report titled "The great leap forward , an inevitable need of history."Prachanda path is a different kind of uprising, which can be described as as the fusion of a proptracted people's warstrategy, adpted by Mao in China, and Russian model of armed revolution. Prof. Lok raj Baral, in his writing about PrachandaPath says that this doctrine doesnot apparently break with Marxism and Leninism but finds that these doctrines aren't able to be replicated in Nepal as it was done in the past. MOst of the Maoist Leaders think that the adoption of Prachand Path after the second national conference is what nudged the party into moving ahead with a clear vision ahead after five years of' people's war'.
Senior Maoist leader Mohan Vaidya alias Kiran says , ' just as Marxism in Germany, Leninism in Russia, and Maoism in China so Prachanda Path is Nepal's identity of revolution.
Maoist can not abondon Prachanda Path, says
Mohan Baidya today said that his party will not unite with any other party at the cost of prachanda Path. But this is not all about Prachanda. A communique said that since 2005,Prachanda, the leader of the Communist Party (Maoist), has become a lvable mascot of India's liberal elite.They see nothing but positive in him .His pre-2005 record has been forgotten-the brutal massacre of inncent civilians in different parts of Nepal by the well-trained, well armed and well motivated insurgent army raised by him, his contacts with Shinning Path Guerrillas of Peru, his role in helping the Maoist in India, particularly in Andhra Pradesh, his fulminations against India , particularly against Indian Army , his devotions to Mao-Zedung's thoughts his raising of insurgent army with the clandestine support of the royal family in order to use it against India,his turning the insurgents against the monarchy after having benefitted from its largesse.
Naxals criticise Prachanda, Nepal developments
(with thanks from people's March, July 2006 issue)
"There is need for caution with the present tactics "
CPN(maoist) may be giving over emphasis to the possibility of advancing the movement through the constituent assembly; We, in India, have been watching the ongoing developments in Nepal with great interest. The mlitant mass agitation by the people of Nepal against the reactionary, autocratic regime of King Gyanendra in April, in the backdrop of the powerful-armed struggle , was indeed historic. The people of Nepal had inscribed a glorious chapter in the annals of Nepal by forcing the fascist king to relinquish his adamant stand and to concede power to the parliament.