Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nepal, Kirat Period

Nepal's recorded history began with the kiratis, who arrived in the 7th. or 8th. century BCEfrom the east to KathmunduValley.They were sheep farmers and fond of long knives. They ruled for about 1225 years (800 BCE-100CE)they had 29 kings, starting from Yalamba-First Kirat King. He laid the foundation of Kirat dynastyafter defeating the last ruler of Abhir dynasty. They made Matatirtha their Kingom. Yalambar had extendedhis kingdom to Tistain the east and Trisidi in the west. It iwas saidthat he had gone to witness the battle of Mahabharatabetween the Pandavas and Kauravas. He was so powerful that Lord Krishna beheaded him prior to the battle suspecting that he might fight for the Kauravas.
During the rule of 7th. Kirat king, Jitedasti, Lord Gautam Budha had visited the valley with his several disciples and also visited other important places like Swayambhu, Guheswrietc.
During the 14th. Kirat king Asoke came to Kathmandu valley with his daughterPrinces Charumati and arranged her marriage with a local prince,Devpal.
During the 15th. Kirat king Mahavir Jain in India came to preach him.
Birth of Budha
Nepal gave birth to Sidhartha gautam Budha son of Shakya Sudhodhan, one of the Shakya Clan whose capital was Kapilvastu.

Maya Devi Temple in Lumbini, Nepal