Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nepal, Democratic Reform

Being unsatsfied with the parliamentary democracy adopted by the king Birendra, people of Nepal launched a "Jana Andolan" under the leadership of Nepali congress and alliance of the left parties. As a result, in 50 years Nepal saw its first parliamentary election in which Nepali Congress won the majority. But that is not the end of the people's movement, it was just the begging.
The economic crisis and enormous price rise led to political agitation , in 1992, guided by the radical left in the name of Joint people's Agitation Committee. Violent incidents began to occur in the evening on the day , 6th April. They called for a general strike resulting in the clashes between police and agitators. According to Human Rights Organisation of Nepal 14 persons including several on-lookers had been killed in polce firing. Nepali Govt. also took some repressive measures, e.g. Operation Romeo, operation kilo sera II in which the lives of many activist were taken . As a result a radical left movement were started in and a Joint Peple's Agitation Committee was set up by the varios groups. A general strike was called for April 6 . Violent incidents began to occur .on the evening ahead of the strike. Clashes between strikers and police caused the death of two left activist.