Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nepal, Position of Women

Available reports indicate that the position of women is prominent in the recruiting profile. At least 1/5 th. or 1/3 rd. of the cadre and combatantsmay be women. Reportedly, every village has a revolutionary women's organisation. According to Jane's intelligence review report of oct. 2001, there re usually two women in each unit of 35- 4- men, and they are used to gather intelligence and act as couriers. Baburai Bhattarai was quoted as saying in Spacetime on April 18, 2003, that 50 % of cadres at the lower lavel, 30 % of soldiers, and 10 % of of members of central committee of the outfit were women . Durga Pokhrel, then chairperson of National Womwn's commission , who visited more than 25 Maoist controlled districts, stated on July 3, 2003, uring a talk delivered at the Nepal Council of World Affairs that percentage of women cadres could be as high as forty a women's group, the All nepal Women's association (Revolutionary), is alleged to be a front outfit of the CPN_M.
Areas Of Operation
The guerrillas operate to varying degrees in 68 0f the 75 districts that comprise Nepal. Their influence varies between moderate to very strong in these districts. In the districts of Rolpa, Rukum, Jajrkot, Salyan, Pyuthan and Kalikot in mid-western Nepal, Govt. presence was limited to the district head quarters with the rest of each district under Maoist control.
End to the people's war
After holding the people's war for ten years, the CPN(Maoist) sat down for peace talks after the successful accomplishment of the people's movement in 2002/03. The twelve point agreement between the then seven party alliance and the Maoist rebels in Delhi created a path for peaceful agitation against the direct rule of the king. The other important point of the twelve point agreement was to end the autocracy in Nepal. The people's war conucted by CPN(Maoist)created political consciousness among the people at the gras root level and to some extent awareness for socio-economic transformation.
After the peace talk held between the king and the CPN(Maoist) rebels were ready to put an end to the ten years long people's war.