Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pakistan, Govt. of India Act, 1909

Lord Curzon (1859-1925)
John Morley (1838-1923)Lord Curzon, John Morley and The Earl of Minto were the three persons who laid the foundation stone of partitioning British India.After the Great Revolution and the agitation against the partition of of Bengal were the key ingredients which induced the British for taking a drastic step in the line of divide and rule by introducing the step towards constitutionalism.
Indian Councils Act of 1909, commonly known as orley-Minto Reforms, began when John Morley, the Liberal Secretary of State of India, and the conservative Governor general of india, The Earl of Minto, believed that the cracking down on terrorism in Bengal was necessary but not sufficient cndition for restoring stability to the British Raj after Lord Curzon's plan for partitioning of Bengal. They believed that a dramatic step was required to put heart into loyal elements of the popultion. They produced the Indian councils Act of 1909 (Morley-Minto reform), these reforms did not go any significant distance towards meeting the Indian National Congress demand for the system of Government obtaining in self governing British Colonies.

The Earl of Minto (1845-1914)