Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pakistan, Geography, Passes

Pakistan is a land of lofty mountains and Pakistan mountain passes connect or rather form the the corridor at the border of Pakistan with China and Afghanistan. Most important mountain passes in Pakistan are Khyber pass, Bolan pass Karaoram pass, Gomal pass, Khojak pass and Tochi pass.
The Passes cross over the Pakistan Mountains
and form the lovely stretch, which connects the two places through the mountains. Khyber pass is the most renowned passin Pakistan, It is about 56 kms long and connects Peshawar in Pakistan with Jalabad in afghanistan. It also leeds to a route, which connects Pakistan withKabu, the Capital of Aghanistan. Khyber pass is the lowest and widest of all passes. Its height is about 3,517 feet.
Bolan Pass connects Qetta of BaluchistanProvince in Pakistanwith Kandahar in aghanistan.It also acts as the important linkbetween Sind and Baluchistan. Khyber pass and Bolan pass have the greates historical importance, as travelers mainly used these two passes of Pakistan, even Karakoram pass, on the border of pakistanand China, has quite a bit historical significance. It wax the most common route , which was used for silk trade . The silk road connects China and Europe and other parts of Asia. Tochi pass links Bannu in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Gomal pass on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan, connects dera IsmailKhan in Pakistan with Afghanistan . The Pakistan mountain passes, with historical importance and extravagant scnic beauty are critical aspects of Pakistan tourism.