Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pakistan, Geography (contd-1)

Boundary Lines :

Pakistan shares its borders with four neighbouring countries-Afghanistan, China, India and Iran-ading upto about 7,000 kms in length. The Durand line acceded in 1893 by the then ruler of Afghanista, Amir Abdur Rahman was challenged when pakistan got Independence after 1947. This was settled in 1994. The Durand line remain disputed until 1994 when it has finally accepted narrow strip of Afghan occupied Gomo-badakhshan territory called the Wakhan Corridorstarts the Cino-Pak border . It carries on south eastward and ends on Karakuram Pass.
About the disputes between China and Pakistan both the Govt agreed on 03.03,1963 that the dispute need to be discussed after the settlement of Kashmir issue with India.
The boundary line with Iran 912 km, was settled by an agreemnt made in 1957.
The northern areas have five of the seventeen highest peaks of the world, sometimes called "Third Pole". The Siachen Glacier in northern Kashmir has been an important area of dispute though more soldiers have died due the cold thanthe the conflicts between the forces. The ceasefire line came into effect on Jan 1, 1949, after 18 months of fighting since 1947 between Indian forces and Afridi Tribals which Pakistan has sent to occupy Kashmir and an agreement was arrived on July 2, 1972, Known as Simla Agreement, between Indira and Bhutto. Since then the line of demarcation is Known as Line of Control (LoC).