Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pakistan, Geography-Passes (contd-2)

Bolan Pass :
Bolan Pass is located on the Baluch frontier, Sindh-Pishin railway was built by the British across the Bolan Passacross the Bolan pass between Kandhar and Quetta. The threat of Soviet invasions through Bolan Pass was a serious concern of the Great Britain. The traders and nomadic tribes have also used the route of Bolan Pass. Traditionally, the Brahul of Kurd tribe was an incharge of the law and situation through the Pass area. The temperature of thew pass in winter is extremely cold where as summer it is exteemely hot.
Towards the fifth century the Ghaznivids, Ghouris, Mangols, and the Mughals held Quetta. From the Mughals, the city including Qandhar , was passed on to Safavids.At the begining of the 18th century with the rising power of Ghilizai's in Qandhar. , and Brahvis in Kalat.