Friday, January 15, 2010

Pakistan, Ancient history

Kabul River;

Leaders of Pakistan has snatched away not only Pakistan but also the heritage of India. Before Indus Valley Civilisation there were two other civilisations. 1. Soanian Culture, 2. Mehrgarh civilisation. From historical point of view both the
civilisations are worth mentioning. The other
civilisations in Ancient times of the valleys of Indus are, 3. Indus Valley Civilisation, 4. Aryan Civilisation, and 5. Vedic Civilisation.
Aryan Civilisation : In the early part of the second Millennium BCE, Indo-European tribes from Central Asia and the southern Russian steppes migrated into the region, and settled in the Sapta Sindhu area between between the Kabul river and the upper Ganges-Yamuna rivers.
According to recent studies Aryans entered this region gradually, as infiltrators, not as forceful invaders.Aryans beeing native of Indus Valley, resulting the Vedic Culture lasted until the middle of the first millenium BCEwhen there are marked linguistic , cultural and political charges.