Monday, January 4, 2010

Pakistan, geography (contd-2)

Kargil war The Pakistan-india boundary continues irregularly southward for about 1,280 kms, following the line of the 1947 Radcliffe Award. Pakistan expected that Delhi may be awarded to them. The southern borders are far less contentious than those in northern Pakistan (Kashmir). The thar desrt in the province of Sindhis separated in the suth from the salt flats of the Rann of Kachch (Kutch) by a boundary that was first delineatedin 1923-24. After Independence and dissolution of Empire, Independent and free Pakistan contested the southern boundary of Sindh, and succession of border incident resulted. They were less dangerous less widespread, however, than the conflict that erupted in Kashmir in the Indo-Pakistan War of Aug 1965 started with this core of issues. Ultimately an Indo-Pakistan Western Boundary Case Tribual was formed by thhe UN secretary General who awarded its decision on 19, 1968, Pakistan was awarded780 sq. kms out of their demand of 9,100 sq.kms.
Line of control
Line of control India Line of control Kargi