Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pakistan, Achaemedin Empire (contd-1)

Achaemedin Empire or Persian Empire (550-330 BCE)was he successor state of the Median Empire, ruling over the significant portions of what would become a Greater Iran. The Persian and the Median Empire taken together are also known as the Medo-Asia Minor.Thrace, much of the Black Sea coastal region, Iraq, Northern Saudi Arabia, Jordan, chaemenid empire was invaded by Alexander III of Macedon, after which it collapsed and disintegrated in 330 BCE into what later became the Ptolemic dynesty and Seleucid Empires.
The Persian domination by the Achaemenid Empire over the Iranian People started by an extension of of the Achaemenid dynasty who expanded their earlier ruling clan over the Persians possibly back to 9th century BCE.The empire took its unified virgin form with a central administration around Pasargadae erected by Cyrus the Great.