Friday, June 17, 2011

Economic condition after British India (contd-2)

Not only political changes but also economic disaster took place in India after British victory. In the earlier cases the persons after winning the country they had settled in India and mixed up with them as of India to settle over here. But in this case they wanted to fed their capitalist hunger with our resources. They wanted to collect money and material from  India and wanted to utilise it as the storage of resources of  their capitalist development. After their defeat in America they placed India as the centre of their imperialism.
From the time of victory of India they imported money and wealth  from India to their own country. This unbounded  economic exploitation converted India into a poor and penniless country. The fifteenth century traveler Afanasi Nikitin narrated the then economic poverty of India which had been exposed in the form of famine in 1770. About 1 crore of people died in the famine. Moreover, after the famine cholera,plague, and other epidemic diseases spread all over the country.
The people of India had no means to improve their economic condition other than to participate in the freedom movement of India. During the period of their victory they looted the wealth of the landlords and kings and sent those to their own country. For example, the case of Srirangapattnam might be cited. The tax collected from the farmers was the main source of income.
In the second stage the form of exploitation was to change the rules of the land for better form of exploitation expand their area of possession by force, falls and formation of different laws, such as Permanent Settlement etc.