Thursday, July 22, 2010

Transport in Vietnam

Main transports of Vietnam consists of Railways, small and heavy vehicles, Boats and Ships and aeroplaneRailways1.Total-2,652km, 2. Standard gauge-180 km , 3. narrow gauge- 2,249 km, 4. dual gauge-237km. Railway links to adjacent countries: 1. China-237km, dual gauge, 2. Cambodia, 3. Laos. Towns to be served by rails: Loc Ninh- Near Cambodia border, Di An- junction for Loc Ninh, Ho Chi minh: Loc Ninh railway at US$438 mil. The net work consists of 7 lines with a total length of 2,632km.All lines are single track,mostly meter gauge, with a few standard gaugeand double gauge towards the Chinese border. There are over  1,800 bridges (57,044m)and 39 tunnels (11,513m) and 281 stations. The Vietnam Railway Corporation (VRC) is the sole supplier of rail services in Vietnam.
Urban Transport ;Motorcyle are primary mode of transportin the major Vietnamese cities. 

Waterways: inland boats, international ship.
Air transport:CAAV handles civil aviation.