Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bio-diversity of Vietnam

Vietnam is one of twenty five countries of the world possessing a high level of bio-diversity, and is ranked 16th in biological diversity (having 16% world's species). !5,986 flora were identified, of which 10% are endemic.Statistics indicate that there are 307 nematodes, 200 oligochaeta, 145 acarina, 113 springtails, 7750 insects, 260 reptiles, 120 amphibians, 840 birds, and 310 mammals of which 100 birds and 78 mammals are endemic.
Vietnam also also has 1438 fresh water micro algae (9.6% species in the world), it is also noted that there there are 794 acquatic invertebrate  and 2458 sea fish. In recent years there have been 13 genera , 222 species, and 30 taxa of flora newly described 6 mammals have been discovered.
In Agricultural genetic diversity , Vietnam is oe of the world's twelve original cultivator.