Sunday, July 25, 2010

Human resources of Vietnam

Education ; Vietnam has an extensive State controlled network of Scools, Colleges and Universities but the number privately run and mixed public and private Institution is also growing.Courses are taught mainly in Vietnamese.In Vietnam, education from age 6 to 11 is free and comulsory. The school enrolment is  highest in the world. The number of colleges and universities increased dramatically in recent years, from 178 in 2000 to 299 in 2005.
Health ; The overall quality of health in Vietnam is regarded as good, as reflected by 2005 estimates of life expectancy  (76.61 years).gov. subsidies covered only about 20% of health care and remaining 805 is borne by the individual.
Science and technology; Historically , Vietnamese scholars did no                   not     practice Science in its general terms but many academic fields are developed,especially social sciences and humanities.
Culture; Vietnam is an agricultural civilization based on wet rice cultivation  with ancient Dong Son culture as one of its defining aspects.The officially spoken and written language is Vietnamese.Vietnam is considered a part of the East-Asian Cultural Sphere or Sinosphere.
In the socialist era , the cultural life of Vietnam has been deeply influenced by Govt. controlled media and the cultural influences of socialist programs.Vietnamese traditional garments is the Ao Dai, while Ao dai is the required uniform for girls in many schools.
Vietnamese cuisine uses very little oil.
Vietnamese literature has long history.