Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Geography of Mongolia

Mongolia has three distinct features in its Geographical accounts.1. Mountains,2.Rivers, 3.lakes.
1. i) Mongolia has three major mountain ranges. The highest is the Atlai Mountains which stretch across the western and the south-western regions of the country on a north-west to south-east axis. (ii) the Hangayn Nuruu, mountains also trending north-west to south-east, occupy much of central and north-central Mongolia. These are older, lower, and more eroded mountains , with many forests and alpine pastures. (iii) The Hentiyn Nuruu, mountains near the Soviet border to the to the north-east of Ulaanbaatar, lower still.
Much of eastern Mongolia is occuppied  by a plane, and the lowest . The lowest area is is a south-west to northeast trending depression that reaches from the Gobi region in the south to the eastern frontier
Lists of Rivers and Lakes :
In Mongolian a river is  known as "gol' and "iin" is added to the the name of the river.e.g., Ider River is known as Ideriin Gol in Mongolian.
The rivers drain in three directions : (i) north to the arctic ocean, (ii) east to the pacific, (iii) south to the desert and the depressions of inner Asia. Rivers are most extensively developed in the north, and the countries major river system is that of the Selenge - Moron, which drains into Lake Baykal. Some minor tributaries of Siberia's Yenisey river also rise in the mountains of north-western Mongolia. Rivers in the northeastern Mongolia drain into the pacific throughthe Argun and Amur (Heilong Jiang) rivers, while the few streams of southern and southwestern Mongolia do not reach the sea but run into salt lakes or deserts.