Friday, July 23, 2010

Religion of Vietnam (contd-1)

The constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam formally allows religious freedom. In 2007, Vietnam News reported that Vietnam has six religions recognized by the state : (Budhism, Cathlicism, Protestantism, Islam, Cao dai, and Hoa Hao), Subsequently the Committee for Religious Affairs granted operation registration certificates to three new religions and a religious sect in in addition to six existing religions.Mahayama Budhism first spread from China ti vietnam'sred River delta's around 300 BC.Theravada Budhism arrived from India into the southern Mekong Delta region many years later, between 300-600 AD.
Hoa Hao is a religious tradition based on Budhism and founded in 1939. Roman catholicism first entered the country through portuguese catholic missionariesin the 16th century.
Protestantism was intrduced in 1911..