Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Liberia (continued)

People :
There are 16 ethnic groupsthat make up Liberia's indegenous population. The Kpelle, in central and western Liberia, are descedents of freed slaves arrived in Liberia in 1821. they are 5% of the total population. There are also sizeable numbers of Labanese, Indians, and other west African nationals. Formerly, perhaps, This country was occupied by Kru, Mane migrated to this place sometimes in 12th and 14th century AD and made an alliance with the Kru. Later onVai came to this region from the Mali empire. The Kru became involved with trading with Europeans. At first they traded non-slave commodities but later on they took active participationin the slave trade also.
Portuguese explorers established contacts with the land, in 1461, known at that time as Grain Coast for its abundance in grains. In1602 the Dutch established a trading

post but destroyed it after one year. in1663 The British installed trading postat the grain coast. No other posts were created before the entry of the freedslaves in1821.

Map of Liberia in 1830

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