Sunday, February 22, 2009

Guinea Bissau, war of Indepenence

Soldiers of PAIGC raises flag of Independence

of Guinea Bissau in 1974

Portugal claimed Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde since 1446 and made slave market there during 18th. century. They, however, could not capture the interior prior to 19th. century when the slave trade declined. In 1765 they established a military camp and a slave trading center.

Before 1st. World War, portuguese forces with some assistance from the Muslim population, subdued the animist tribes and eventually established the territory's borders. The interior of Portuguese Guinea was brought under control after more than 30 years of fighting; final subjugation of the island of Bijagos di not occur until 1936.The administrative control took place when the capital was shifted from Bolama to Bissau in 1941, and in 1952, by constitutional amenment, the the colony of Portuguese Guinea became an overseas province of Portugal.

Guinea Bissau war of independence
part of Portuguese colonial war
A PAIGC soldier with AK-47 rifle
Date: Jan., 23, 1963-1974
Location: Guinea bissau, Guinea
Result: Independence of Guinea BissauCasualities and losses: 15,000 dead.
A village in guinea Bissau

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