Monday, February 9, 2009

History of slaves : Liberia

At the beginning of the human history there were slaves. In Egypt for building the Pyramids, in ancient Babylon and in jewish history where Joseph was sold by his brother. The civilisations of the human history of the world were built in the institution of slavery. People used to spare the lives of his wife and children and the members of his family to the person to whom he was defeated. Sometimes one became the slave of his money lender. Many others reduced to slaves by juicial sentenses. At that time slavery was within the customs. In ancient Rome slaves could become a freed man by dint of his labour. Some were set free after the death of their masters.
Some slaves e.g. Aesop, Epictetus and Tiro became writers.
In Europe slavery began to disappear in the 6th. century and serfdom began to grow. This practice was also disappeared in England after Peasants Revolt (1381) and in France after French Revolution in eighteenth century.
In the 15th. century the Portuguese found a ready market for Negro slaves which they captured during their expeditions along the African coasts. As the American continent developed these slaves were eagerly sought to labour in plantation and in mines or in general work. Between 1680 to 1786 more than two million Negro slaves were transported to north America and the West Indies from Africa.
Increasing opposition to slavery led Denmark to abolish the slave trade in 1792 and Britain followed in 1807 and the United States in the following year.
The first mode of social prouction in history based on class antagonisms and the exploitation of man by man was started through this slavery. The main antagonistic classes under the slave -owning mode of production were slave-owners and slaves. The prerequisites for the advent of slavery were rooted in the development of the productive forces in the primitive society : these were the increase of labour productivity to the extent that a surplus product was created and the consolidation of private ownership of the means of production and material inequality. The slave owning mode of production came into being when slaves were used in production as the basic productive forces, society was diveded into the classes of slave-owners and slaves, and state evolved as the organ of slave-owner power.

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