Saturday, February 14, 2009

Liberia, (1847-1980, Economy), Spread of Communism

and US
Jimmy Carter
(Left, in car)
in Monrovia
During World War I, Germany was the main trading partner of Liberia but had withdrawn all connection after that time causing Liberia customs revenue to decrease. Moreover, a German submarine blockade of Liberia caused decrease of trade with Britain, France and US.

Betwenn 1945 and 1980, Liberia was largely associated with US and had also maintined relation with Soviet Bloc. Liberian economy , between 1847 to 1980 expanded from its primitive agriculture to large scale rubber industries and mineral resources. liberia also received hundreds f millions of ollars in unrestricted investment.

Spread of Communism ;

After World War II, The US viewed Liberia as a useful post from which to fight the supposed "spread of communism" through Africain the Cold War. Between 1946 to 1960 Libeia receivedd from US $ 500 million in unrestricted foreign investment. Liberia voted for US in matters on the Vietnam War and had a permanent mission to train Liberian Military. from1962 to 1980 the US donated $280 million in aid to Liberia.

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